Jiffy Lube Signature Oil change

Complete electrical system work for all vehicle makes and models.

Jiffy Lube Signature Oil change

Being the premier Jiffy Lube Signature Oil change provider in Duncan isn't easy, but Jiffy Lube has done it. By focusing on always delivering the best possible service at a competitive price, we've won plenty of fans and established a local reputation that reaches far and wide through British Columbia. While we may be known across British Columbia, Jiffy Lube is clearly focused on the Duncan community. Our Jiffy Lube Signature Oil change team is here to stay and our goal is simply to provide top quality in the local area. When you want the best Jiffy Lube Signature Oil change specialist, then Jiffy Lube is the answer. Call Jiffy Lube at 250 737-1219 to schedule a visit for Jiffy Lube Signature Oil change in Duncan.

A Jiffy Lube Signature Oil Change consists of an oil change of up to 5 litres of oil, oil filter replacement and a 20 point visual inspection of your vehicle's components.

No appointment required

Your in and out in a Jiffy

Headlight Restoration and Windshield wiper replacement

Headlight Restoration and Wiper Blade Replacement

Headlights become glazed over time, which causes the light to be diffused. We remove the old UV coating and apply a new on which is then baked on for years of trouble free night driving.

Serpentine and Belt Replacement

Serpentine belts and drive belts drive all the components added to the engine. Over time these belts develop cracks. Belt manufacturers recommend belt replacement if you have 4 cracks per inch. Belts also stretch over time and require replacement when they are starting to squeal.

Jiffy Lube can provide belt replacement on most vehicles.

For Scheduled Maintenance and Oil Changes Call 250-737-1989 and experience excellent service.

Jiffy Lube is locally owned and is a one-stop solution for your regularly scheduled maintenance.


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