Radiator/Coolant Fluid Exchange

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Radiator Fluid Exchange

We check Glycol and PH

We only use 5-year LONG-LIFE coolant

Along with not having your radiator freeze in the winter vehicle coolant mixed with water is an excellent conductor of heat, keeping your engine components at the proper operating temperature in winter and summer.

However your engines coolant/antifreeze has a life span. Our technicians will determine where your vehicles coolant/antifreeze is in its lifespan and recommend when you should exchange your vehicles coolant/antifreeze.

An antifreeze/coolant flush and fill at regular intervals can help prevent overheating, freezing and premature cooling system corrosion. A Jiffy Lube® coolant service starts with an examination of your radiator and engine cooling system. Then, old antifreeze/coolant is removed from your radiator and replaced with new antifreeze/coolant per your vehicle manufacturer's recommendations. Please note: Not all Jiffy Lube® service centers offer all Cooling System Services. Please call ahead to ensure the services are available. Find Your Jiffy Lube now


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